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A very complicated type of topic, $HR3K Stories are known to be completely random and always including $HR3K throwing couches, DAWN-K pulling $HR3K on some sort of sled, and someone getting really pissed. The newer $HR3K stories (only applies to the ones written by Charles and Milady) contain AT LEAST one Age of Powder resignation message.


The origin of $HR3K Stories was, of course, by $HR3K himself! Boredom overcame Charles, Milady, and $HR3K one day, and then the retardation began...

Famous Quotes

"He was raging, not the type of rage when Nathaniel sticks you from across the room and puts on sunglasses and says 'Looks like this is a, STICKY SITUATION', but the type of rage where Shrek's local couch emporium closes down, or maybe even the type of rage when AK47Y0U drops a LEVIO-PAW and gets stuck by a stray grenade, but that's beside the point." ~Shrek Goes Camping: From Humble Beginnings

"Shrek was enraged, so he threw a couch at the exact same velocity as the taxi...there was a small explosion in the background, and at the same time, a message appeared on the screen: BBALL_Its_Life: The couch flew too low over the taxi. I shalt abdicate. BBALL_Its_Life has resigned. Another message appeared: Ggaming_Its_Life: The couch was most uncomfortable. I shalt abdicate. Ggaming_Its_Life has resigned." ~Shrek Goes Camping: From Humble Beginnings

"When the screen came back on, the only thing visible was a huge couch-shaped hole in the wall, and if one looks closely, you can see an arm twitching under a smoldering couch." ~Shrek Goes Camping: Arrival