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The entrance to one of Alberto's many facilities.

Alberto del Gordo, a exteremly large Colombian man who is known to be the largest (size and most known) dealer in the world. He deals cocaine, coffee, hot sauce, and a few other exports. In addition, he also is known for his large Cartel army.

Famous Quotes

  • EYYYYYY! Alberto del Gordo announcing that he has arrived.
  • MAMA SIEMPRE ME DECIA! Alberto del Gordo letting everyone know that he is about to sing his theme song.



Fun Facts

A Farthog captured from Alberto's Cartel. Very rare.

  • Alberto del Gordo is most known for having Warthog-like cars within his Cartel.
  • Alberto del Gordo's favorite TV show is El Cartel, a Colombian soap opera based on his apprentice's life.
  • Alberto del Gordo's enemy is Jorge Calderon. The rivalry started with their fathers fighting over Nathan and evovled into a much deeper rivalry that has killed many men.
  • Alberto del Gordo when he is in his first stage of battle.

    Alberto del Gordo is so large, he has his own type of measurement: 1 Alberton (which is equal to 9000 tons).
  • Alberto del Gordo always wears his "cowboy" hat and his own personal belt called "The Albelto", which is the only belt that can support his huge body.
  • Although Alberto del Gordo is fairly peaceful (his Cartel does all the fighting), his main weapon is the Halo 2 SMG.
  • Alberto is too fatass to move, so he always guards the flag by sitting on it