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Charles is the co-leader of Fawncay, along with Milady. He is known to rebel against many things, mostly Milady. His most common and most offensive rebellion is when he does not pass the Tea.

Personal Life

  • Charles spends most of his spare time denying various things to Milady and writing Shrek Stories.
  • Charles enjoys watching Impractical Jokers.
  • Enjoys using Stalio Kontos as his personal servant.

Popular Quotes

  • "NO" ~What Charles says to most people, especially to Milady.
  • "NO" ~Charles on Dubstep
  • "NO" ~Charles on Call of Duty
  • "NO" ~Charles on Tea Passing
  • "NO" ~Charles on Stalio Kontos
  • "YES" ~Charles on Take a Break Today.
  • "HEAR ME ROAR" ~What Charles says before he implodes a skull with his Hammer.


Sources say he is the result of Milady's boredom and spilled tea.

Fun Facts

  • Charles is the only one to have almost two identical Fawncay weapons (Gravity Hammer, Electric Hammer)
  • Has named his personal Hobra the Exassassassquinator, which usually has 13 stars, but due to Wikia not being able to take the amount of KICK-ASS of a true model, the only one accepted was the one with no stars.
  • On Halo Floor, Charles is known to constantly stick anyone who he encounters, and at times, sticks the same person more than once at a time.
  • Has stuck that no-life the most out of anybody.

The Exassassassquinator.

Charles in his Halo form. HEAR ME ROAR!

What happens when one encounters Charles on Fawncay Slayer.