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Playing Duck Nuckum. IN DUCK NUCKUM.

Duck Nuckum, or as it is known to the public as "Duke Nukem Forever", is currently owned and played by Alberto del Gordo, Charles, Milady, and this a hacker.

Why It's Played

Although it is known for many glitches and fairly inappropriate humor, Duck Nuckum is fun to play due to its glitches and mechanics. For example, the physics of Duck Nuckum allow you to do some strange shooting, which allows for funny/entertaining gameplay. In addition, the campaign and multiplayer (maps) also have a lot of references and innuendos to other things, like the control schemes "MC" and "Duty Calls" and the multiplayer map "Morningwood".

Duck Nuckum Terminology

Railguns = Prailguns (Not at all like the Halo ones, as they look a little like a DMR but shoot a laz0r).

"POWER ARMOR IS FOR PUSSIES!" Used normally as a reference when Charles and Alberto del Gordo are playing with the rest of the Fawncay in Halo.

"IT'S TIME TO KICK ASS AND CHEW BUBBLE GUM! AND I HAVE A LOT OF BUBBLE GUM!" Some imitator who just wants to be apart of the action (with apparent bad mechanics AND GRAPHICS, DON'T FORGET THE GRAPHICS = no playability).