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File:Dark Souls Trailer

The Debut Trailer...

Although it is not a Fawncay game, it seems to be the most difficult game in the Fawncay repetuoire that is only played by Don Juan Rivera. Alberto del Gordo played this briefly. This game also is not recommended by IGN, for it has horrible graphics and the mechanics are shit.


The 4th Boss. Enjoy your nightmares.


A new players reaction to the first boss

"What r u, Casul? 


"Fear the Wall"

The wall, after knocking ppl off a bridge


what happens when someone backstabs the Silver knight

"Praise the Sun"

Some strange Sunbros


This is Pokemon...

Curl up in a ball and die. 

Done by everyone that is not Don Juan Rivera

"Pwn everything in sight, untill a phantom arrives"

Don Juan's usual tactic

Fun Facts[]

  1. can't stop the rock
  2. solare is a boss
  3. gwyn is a hard boss
  4. quelaag, that spider person thing in the trailer, is only the 5th boss
  6. Sens fortess is a pain in my hemmoroids
  7. Giantdad is a HORRIBLE amazeballs build
  8. Dont fuck with the Robert
  9. Astorias is a total douche
  10. the Uchikatana is stupid better than robert, oh wait, thats not saying much, better than sliced bread
  11. fear the apollo 13
  12. one of the few games that Don Juan will play with only a controller, because the graphics keyboard sucks for it.