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A common sight while playing a Fawncay game.

 "Fan-F*** TASTIC! I ask for backup, they give me THIS!" ~Frank West on Ghosts.

"NO" ~Charles on Ghosts.

"UNACCEPTABLE" ~Milady on Ghosts.

"WHY H4V3 TH1$ WH3N 3Y3 H4V3 D0NK3Y" ~$HR3K on Ghosts.


The Ghost, known to Fawncay as the G-Host, Most, or Shmost, is one of the most commonly used vehicles in any Halo game.

The G-Host engine runs completely on POWDER which causes it to go at unbelievably fast speeds and is highly explosive, due to high amounts of Powdercles compressed within the tiny-ass space. It is made of quasiquantumbidextrophysical material, unknown to the world.

Fun Facts

  • Has three buttons, one to start, one to stop, and one HOLY SHIT button, which causes the driver to lose all control of the G-Host, which ends with the above photo.
  • Commonly used in Shrexperiments, although it is more amusing in the Original Shrexperiments (Tree.)
  • Should be classified as aircraft because it spends most of it's time airborne.
  • Is the result of a Fusion Coil placed inside a chassis made completely of cardboard which is the main reason why they are so cheap. Some are also made completely out of lego pieces, which also counts for their cheapness and them commonly being seen in pieces.

    The average Ghost.

  • Alberto del Gordo is not a fan of the G-Hauss due to the fact that he believes it's a cheap rip-off of his own Cartel Mongoose.