Fawncay Wiki

so awesome, he can use these things

A completly unstoppable juggernaught, that never dies, and fires the bass cannon 


1 Chaos two hander (zweihander)

1 Grass crest shild

1 fathermask, the best looking mask in the game.

giants armor, gauntlets, and boots. to become unstoppable.

a clasic example of his policies

What rings u got bithc, cuz he has havels ring, and the ring of favor and protection.


When People realized that you could Havel Dad flip (dont worry you don't need to know what that is) they did it, untill from software pwnd it with a patch. Then Giant dad was the next best option. He goes around pwning giant manbabies (r0bert) demanding that they get good and stop being casul.