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Although Justinian did not do as much conquering as the others, he was fierce in ruling the lands he already conquered. His laws, which he followed perfectly, allowed him to do as he pleased while his villagers could do nothing about it.

Famous quotes[]

"Guilty" Justinian the Judge judging some poor fool who did not do a good job at judging.

Prefered weapons[]

His prefered weapon is The Minigun/HMG/LMG/anything with lots of bullets inside/plazma cannon/The Brass beast/Natacha/The Tomoslav/Hulong Heatmaker. He uses these weapons, becuase of his belif that reloading is for the weak who do not have the nessesary ammount of bullets in their gun. Before his downfall, he was working on a way to make a NEW WEAPON that fired energy swords, but then he couldn't finish it in time.

Origins and downfall[]

He was originally king of a country called Lake Mary, and was loved, because of how awesome and just he was. Then, when he was out adventuring (not with sweaty shirtless men running around shouting in caves), he met a conquerer called Nathaniel the Nobleman in a land named Pollockia. He soon became friends with him, and was introduced to Bruno the Barbarian. He then went on to get their location as accordance to the mythical box of the X and practiced fighting with Spartans. Little did he know, that he would become extremely loud and dangerous when in close contact with the mythical box of the X too long. Eventually, his Spartan suffered too many defeats by way of an assassination and thought about abandoning the mythical box of the X. His decision was sealed, however, when he destoryed the mythical box of the X after another challenger stole his "Stomper Machine".