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The motto shared by every Nubcaik on Making of Matches.


The Volge Mantis is the most screamed about vehicle in Halo Floor.

It looks like one of the Mech things from the Matrix III (shitty one) and even reloads in the same way. It also looks like one of the mech things from Chromehounds, Hawken (only slower), and with shitty weapons. I mean the rocket lawnchair takes like 20 minutes to reload, and the rockets don't even lock on to anythng. in short, it sucks d0nk4y balls.


This is just another transmorpher Mech in a long line of Mechs...

Fun Facts

  • Caused Don Juan Rivera to almost break his toe by kicking his xbox out of the window due to his Mantis being stolen.
  • Caused Stalio Kontos to rage out of Spartan Ops due to being constantly killed by Charles in a Mantis.
  • Is commonly used to UBER T-BAG people as a sign of insult or just for Nubcaik to live out their sexual fantasies.