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Milady is the co-leader of Fawncay and is known to be fairly in love with her tea and her powder. She also finds many things UNACCEPTABLE.


Milady was born into existance as a single POWDICLE in the world of Fawncaylando. Being bored, Milady accidently spills her tea and makes Charles, thus naming him another creator of FAWNCAY. Milady then traveled to Britain to absorb the culture (No Powder Warfare) and steal Lady Ticklebottom's wig. Back in Fawncaylando, Milady inquired Charles to pass the tea. Unfortunately, he said NO. In rage, Milady used the force to gather 468536913379001 POWDICLES into the atmosphere and send it back down at a rate of 69 Albertons per millishrekond.

Fun facts

  • Milady play SC with Prince Oliver occationaly
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