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A belief only practiced by a select few, it has been a popular topic among the Fawncay, despite only one of them following it now.


The very first Nathanists. And the first attempt at Fawncay (we think).

The belief was first developed, by most sources, from King Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth. Before they were royalty, however, they traveled to Britain. There, they saw an ancient relative of the Nathan named Nathaniel. Nathaniel, according to legends, was a magician's apprentice who had a servant by the name of Bartimaeus Flargimaus. Together, they helped save the lives of Ferdinand and Elizabeth when they were almost killed by the evil Simon Cowell Lovelacelocks. From that point on, they worshipped the great Nathaniel and vowed to do whatever he wanted. However, Nathaniel did not like to be worshipped and instead hid. This is when Ferdinand and Elizabeth became King and Queen, in hopes to find the great Nathaniel once again. However, they failed and were ruled Spain. They attempted to convert everyone to Nathanism but were unsuccessful when the people almost revolted. Instead, Catholicism prospered heavily in Spain. The rest, as they say, is history.

Modern Day

A standard picture of the so called "Nathan".

In the current time, Nathanism (like before) has not been widely spread as much as Catholicism. However, it has been worshipped previously. The difference today is that Nathaniel's ancestor, Nathan (or Charles) takes Nathaniel's place and is worshipped. Sources say the only Nathanist now, however, is Stalio Kontos, who denies heavily (despite evidence proving otherwise).