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Red Bread Predemption is a relatively new game added to the list of Fawncay games. It is currently played by Charles and Milady. Stalio Kontos used to own it, but was an IDIOT and sold it (Probably for BLOPS II, and he probably found a way of knowing that GTA V was coming out years later.)

Why It's Fawncay[]

Because it is.

Fawncay Terminology[]

None yet.

Things to Do[]

  • Play Free Roam and terrorize towns.
  • Dramatically shoot the hats off of Lawmen.
  • IF you are playing with friendly fire on, kill each other, and go silent as you get killed by Lawmen ON TOP of the person you just killed.
  • Watch as you see a true Sea Captain's escape route.
  • Dramatically steal a carriage and NO-SCOPE (seriously, they didn't have scopes back then) the coppers as they try to stop you.