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That's TJ LAZER!

Also known as "The Space Scumbag", he is the best hope for the universe for fighting off the space worms. He is well known for his references to the other Ass Effects and also being the only (Human) Spectre in existence ('Cept Ashley). His goal in life is to grab enough s3x slaves to colonize an Earth-like planet and fill it with little TJ Lazers.



  1. His signiture moves (Mostly the Patented Lap Dance/Rape Combination)
  2. Lasers and Phasers ;) (If you know what i mean)
  3. Wanting to colonize a planet like HARVEST filled with MOAR STRIPPERS.
  4. Space Gays (especially members of his crew)
  5. PR0NZ In General


  1. Condoms
  2. Wrong Key Choices
  3. Right Key Choices
  4. Cerberus and Joker

The Origins of TJ Lazer

TJ Lazer was a super bad A$$ human who pwnd people in SPAAACE with his ship the SSS Normandy SR1, before it got pwnd by the space comic book colectors. Then, he got with Cerberus, then got a new ship, then said "Smell ya later holmes" to them, and they did not like it, so they got mad. But TJ Lazer can't be held back by no stinky illusive peep, and returned to service, before being put under arrest. He told the humans that he had a plan to pwn the Space dicks, but they were like "aww hell naw mah bruddah!" but then the space dicks attacked, then he told them about his plan to make a planet filled with little TJ Lazer clones (children) to fight against the Reapers. He proceded to pwn all across the galaxy, and was tested on the citadel, and was found to have 1.5 Y chromozomes.