Fawncay Wiki

The Fawncay Manor is the most famous building in all of Fawncay (and the World). It is so exclusive that only the Fawncay are allowed inside (NO WAY). In addition, it is the only known place in the Universe that all of the Fawncay have ever been together in (because no other place can handle that much Fawncay and Powdicles).

The Outside

  • Protected by Don Juan Rivera's Wise Guys, Alberto del Gordo's Cartel, the Exassassassquinator, and all other Fawncay vehicles.
  • Has 7 large fountains surrounding it.
  • Includes over 7,331 sentry turrets on the rooftops that can detect any movement (even a Spy).
  • Makes the White House look tiny and insignificant.

The Inside

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